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Xavier Leynaud


After a successful career in industrial project management and complex urban planning for a consultant company, Xavier LEYNAUD took a position for Alstom Power Hydro Europe as head of the department of planning and load management.

After four years of a dense and intense position as a head of department in a major international group, and following a proposal to move outside of the capital, he chose to come back to consulting by creating the firm «Leynaud & Associés».

Xavier is both appreciated for his technical skills and his persistence in finding the best solution as well as his warmth and leadership.

Senior Partner of «Leynaud & Associés», Xavier is in charge of business development and guaranteeing the technical expertise of his teams.

Sectors : Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, Transport, Power grid, Wastewater treatment, Waste management.

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Sylvain Bolifraud


Graduate of ESTP and MBA holder of IAE Paris, Sylvain BOLIFRAUD conjugates the double skills of technical knowledge and management. Sylvain occupied site management positions in the sector of road construction and for the last 3 years was head of department in project management of urban planning for the INGEROP group.

Sylvain is recognized for his innovative look on the methods and the associated systems of representations as well as for the quality of his interpersonal skills.

Partner of «Leynaud & Associés» since March 2015, Sylvain handles the realization of missions of forensic expertise as consultant.

Sectors: Road construction, Construction, Urban planning, Touristic installation, Wastewater and waste management.

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Lahoucine Bouhouch

Lahoucine BOUHOUCH

With a rich experience combining project management consulting and management of international projects, Lahoucine joined LEYNAUD & ASSOCIES motivated by the diffusion of best practices in project control.

Senior partner, Lahoucine is recognized by his peers for his skills in the schedule analysis, operation processes identification in different industries and his rapid integration into production teams.

His areas of expertise are: Oil & Gas, Contruction, Nuclear, Rail, Escalators, Water treatment.

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Carine Nottin


With a two-fold training in industrial chemistry at CPE Lyon and project management at ENSSPICAM (today's Central Marseille), Carine NOTTIN is a professional with more than 20 years experience in project control.

Through major oil projects (COBO, GIRASSOL, OMPIA...), Carine has acquired expertise in all the disciplines of project control: Document management, Planning, Cost-effectiveness ans Estimation.

Carine is known for her rigor and perseverance in her work.

Her fields of expertise are: Oil & Gas, Petrochemistry, Energy, Pharmaceuticals.

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Sébastien Briand

Sébastien BRIAND

Professional in industrial project management for more than 20 years, Sébastien has been actively involved in numerous large-scale projects in complex and international environments.

Ambitious projects, large industrial groups and demanding environment are the constants of his professional career where he demonstrated his involvement and pragmatism.

His fields of expertise are: Nuclear, Transportation, Electrical Distribution, Aeronautics, Defense, Telecommunications.

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